Before you begin looking at our properties in more detail, take a few moments to read through these general notes. They will help you to get the most out of the site and explain the procedure to follow, should you wish to make a booking.

Accomodation. We pay as much care and attention to identifying suitable properties, as we do to describing the accomodation as clearly and accurately as possible. Since it will not normally be possible for you to view the accomodation in person before you arrive, we try to provide a range of information that should at least give you a good idea. Each property has photographs, description, floor plan and distance to localities. All the properties described are in quiet, country locations, often part of an agricultural estate and with distant views over the Tuscany landscape. Most are easily reached along good country lanes and all have lawns and gardens with suitable outdoor furniture. Internal furnishing is traditional and provides a good combination of comfort and functionality. Kitchens are fully equipped for the number of persons stated. All properties have central heating unless the contrary is specifically indicated. Sofa-beds mentioned in some descriptions are of high standards. Cots are available in most houses.

Pool. The swimming-pools are open from the 15th of May until the 30th of September.

Booking. When you have choosen your holiday home, send us an e-mail. You will receive a booking confirmation by return, toghether with directions to the property and rental-payment details.

Bond. The property owner (or his agent) generally requires a small sum on arrival as security against possible damage or breakage. This sum will be returned at the end of the rental period.

Arrival, departure, duration of rental. The rental contract begins and ends on a Saturday. The minimum rental period is one week.
Arrival times on Saturday are from 4pm to 6pm and departures are expected by Saturday 10am.

Prices and services. Prices given in the enclosed price-list are in Euro and refer to a weekly rental period for the maximum number and persons indicated. The price includes bed linen and hand towels (changed weekly), electricity, water and final cleaning. (The apartments will be left clean and tidy. Otherwise the owner will withhold, from the damage-downpayment deposited at time of arrival, a maximum amount of € 50 per payment). The rent does not include heating costs, which are calculated directly by the owner.

General conditions

The contract is governed by provisions contained in Legislative Decree No. 111 of 17 March 1995; the Directive 90/314/EEC; relevant international conventions and in particular the brussels Convention of 20 April 1970, made executive with the law no. 1084 of 29 December 1977; the Warsaw Convention of 12 October 1929 regardsing international air transport, made executive with law no. 41 of 19 May 1932; the Bern Convention of 25 February 1961 regarding rail transport, made executive with law no. 806 of 2 March 1963, as applicable to services provided as part of tourist packages, as well as provisions relating to che civil code and other internal legislation, in as much as they do not contravene provisions of the present contract.
TERRE TOSCANE di In Toscana di Virginia Vannuccini e C. S.a.s. - Via del Poliziano 52 - 53045 Montepulciano (SI) - P.IVA 00883980526
Bookings can be made at any authorized foreign or italian travel agency or directly to Terre Toscane of In Toscana s.a.s. in Montepulciano, Via del Poliziano 52 - Tel. 0578 758582 - Fax 0578 757098. Acceptance of bookings by Terre Toscane of In Toscana s.a.s. is subject to availability of space. A booking is completed upon written confirmation by Terre Toscane. Terre Toscane reserves the right to cancel the holiday reservation if the number of participants indicated in the catalogue is not reached, giving the client at least 20 days' written notice prior to the intended departure date.
A deposit equal to 30% of the total cost must be paid at the time of booking. The balance must be paid 20 days before the departure date. For bookings made after this date, the full amount must be paid when booking. Information about payment will be comunicate at the reservation (by bank transfer or by credit card).
5.1 Transfer of booking
If a traveller is unable to make use of a booked holiday he may pass the booking to another person who fulfils all the conditions required for the holiday, after informing the Travel Agent and Terre Toscane by registered post or, if urgent, telegram or e-mail. The notice is to arrive within a reasonable period before the departure date, indicating details of the transferee (first mane, surname, sex, date of birth, nationality). The transferor and the transferee are jointly responsible for the total cost as well as for additional costs resulting from the transfer, as mentioned in article 7 below.
5.2 Cancellation
If the cancellation is not covered by the exclusions of the article 5.3. below, then the traveller agrees to pay cancellation charges as set out in art. 1373, para. III of the civil code, as follows:
30% up to 20 working days before arrival date;
100% less than 15 working days before arrival date.
The same charges must be paid by anyone unable to undertake a holiday as a result of not being in possession of necessary documents for travel abroad. No refunds will be paid to travellers who decide to interrupt a trip or a stay already started.
5.3 Cancellation without penalty
The traveller may cancell the travel contract without being subject  to charges referred to in art. 5.2 para. II above in the case of substantial alterations made by Terre Toscane to any essential element of the contract, for example the price. Such alterations must be notified to the traveller as soon as possible to enable him to make an appropriate decision, and in particular wether:
- to cancel the contract without having to pay charges;
- or to accept an additional clause to the contract which indicates the alterations made and the resulting changes to the cost. The client must inform the operator or hos agent as soon as possible of his decision. Whenever the client cancels the contract as described above of if for any reason, except as a result of the client's own wish, the operator cancels the whole package before the departure date, then the client has the right:
a) to accept an alternative solution of equivalent or superior quality, should the operator and/or the agent be in a position to provide one. If the alternative is of inferior quality, the operator must refund the difference in price;
b) to receive a full and immediate refund of the amount paid in respect of the contract. In this case he has the right to compensation from the operator or his agent in accordance with the laws of the member of the state concerned for non-fulfilment of contract, unless:
b1) the whole package is cancelled because the number of bookings is less then the minimum required and the client is informed of the cancellation in writing within the time indicated in the description of the service offered, or
b2) the cancellation is due to reasons beyond the organizer's control, that is, external circumstances wich are unforseeable and whose consequences could not have been avoided despite every reasonable effort.
the traveller is expected to give written details of any special requirements at the moment of booking.
Terre Toscane reserves the right to accept such written requests only after having confirmed availability with the service providers. Terre Toscane will communicate any additional costs resulting from the request to the client through the Travel Agent as soon as possible and if such services are at all available.
Alterations requested by the traveller after the booking has been confirmed by Terre Toscane require reconfirmation of the requested alterations by Terre Toscane and involve a surcharge of € 15 per person.
Liability of Terre Toscane, in its function as travel operator, towards the traveller and his personal possessions is governed by the laws and international conventions mentioned in art. 1 above. Liability of Terre Toscane shall under no circumstances exceed the maximum provided for by the laws and conventions cited, and in particular the limits for single claims for damages as given below:
- when such non-fulfilment of the contract is attributed to the client;
- when such non-fulfilment is attributed to a third party not connected to the provision of services object of the contract and which are of an unpredictable or insurmontable nature;
- when such non-fulfilment is due to force majeure as defined in art. 5.3 paragraph b, subparagraph b1, or an event which the operator and/or the seller could not, despite all reasonable care, foresee or resolve.§
In the latter two cases the organizer and/or the seller must act with the maximum solicitude to afford assistance to the client in difficulty. As regards damages resulting from non-fulfilment or poor execution of services offered in the package, members States should assume that indemnity is limited to those contained in international conventions.
Any claim regarding non-fulfilment of the contract identified by the client during his stay must be made in writing within 48 hours of the beginning of the stay to the relevant service provider and must be supported by registered letter with return receipt addressed to the organizer and/or seller not later than 10 days before the end of the stay.
Renting of the properties indicated is agreed by the named parties on behalf of the property owner and the prices are established by the same and cannot be changed in the 20 days preceding the stay. The fee includes weekly rent (7 night),  consumption of electricity, water, gas and the initial cleaning (except where otherwise indicated).
The apartments must be vacated in a clean and tidy condition, otherwise the owner may withold costs of € 50 from the bond which is paid on arrival. The number of persons per property may not exceed the number of beds declared at the moment of booking and indicated in the catalogue. Arrivals at the chosen property should generally be on Saturday between 10-12 am. Should arrival or departure take place at any other time, sufficient notice must be given to Terre Toscane or directly at the property.
The organizing Company is covered for civil liability by insurance no.1/39204/319/102549262 of the Company "Unipol SAI" for civil liability. Ceilings: professional liability limit per occurrence € 2,066,000.00, per occurrence limit RCT € 500.000,00 - € 500.000,00 per occurrence limit RCO.
It is possible to stipulate optional and specific insurance cover for costs resulting from cancellation of the package, accident, repatriation and baggage. Art. 21 D.L. March 1995 foresees the instigation of an indemnity fund c/o the Presidency of the Ministerial Advisory Committee to which travellers may appeal in case of the organizer's insolvency or bankruptcy for a refund of the amount paid.


Froma 1st February  2012, the "Touristic Tax" approved by th eMunicipal Council of Montepulciano Resolution n. 91 of 30th November 2011, the resolution is on line on website of the Municipality of Montepulciano

The tax is applied to non-residents overnight stays in the Municipality of Montepulciano, per person per night, in the following measures:

Euro 1,00 for all accommodation facilities up to 3 star category including furnished apartments also for temporary tourist use

Euro 1,50 for all accommodation up to the 4 star category

Euro 2,00 for all accomodation up to the 5 star category and "Residenze d'Epoca"


- children up to 12 years old

- recption for emergency situations (natural disasters, extraordinary in nature, for humanitarian aid)

The taxmust be paid directly to the owner of the structure or to one of his representatives.

For more information:

This contract comes under the jurisdiction of Italian law. The exclusive competent court of law in case of dispute will be in Montepulciano.